When His Mom Never Came To Get Him, Authorities Learned Some Heartbreaking Things

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A Pennsylvania mother is facing multiple charges after she left her five-year-old son with a neighbor and went missing.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Rochelle Daniels after she left the boy with a neighbor for more than two days. He eventually snuck out and walked to another home; the woman there called his aunt. When the aunt went to his mother’s apartment, she found it to be a disorganized mess.

After a police report was filed regarding the missing mother, the boy informed police and his aunt that this was a frequent occurrence — his mother would often leave him alone for long periods of time. She sometimes forced him to take pills in order to fall asleep, as well.

Additionally, the boy said that his mother once made him smoke a white substance, which police believe was crack cocaine, from a long pipe. He also alleged that his mother would violently beat him with a paddle or belt for no reason at all.

In an interview with Child Protective Services, the young boy stated that what scares him the most is his mother.


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(via WESH 2)

I can’t even imagine all of the horrors that this little boy had to endure under the care of his mother. He is now safe, and his mother is living in a treatment facility.



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