They Saw A Truck Going Down The Road. A Closer Look Revealed Something Hilarious.

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Have you ever noticed a face in something where there shouldn’t be one?

If you have, you were likely experiencing pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon which can cause people to perceive images or patterns of light and shadow as faces. The mind basically responds to the stimulus by showing us a familiar pattern where none exists. For example, you’ve probably seen the “Man in the Moon” before or certain cloud formations that look like animals.

These 25 people also saw something beyond the random objects they were looking at — namely, their favorite characters and well-known figures. The resemblances are so perfect that you’ll notice them too.

1. “Meth. Not even once. RIP Thomas the Tank Engine.”

2. “The electrical box in front of my house looks like the dark lord Sauron is watching me.”

3. “My friend’s septic tank looks like Rafiki from Lion King.”



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