These Boys Wanted To Play With His Toy. What Mom Said Is Raising Some Eyebrows.

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It’s instilled in us at an early age that ”sharing is caring.”

While we put an emphasis on always sharing with others, are we really sending the right message to our kids? Could forcing our children to share with others turn everyone involved into entitled brats? One mom has been met with mostly positive reactions after she revealed in a Facebook post that she doesn’t force her children to share.

Alanya Kolberg was at the park with her young song Carson awaiting the arrival of close friends for a playdate. Carson was eagerly awaiting his buddy’s arrival so he could surprise her with his cool new toys.

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While Carson waited for her, a group of other boys came up to him demanding that he share his toys with them.

When Carson said no, his mom was bombarded with tattle tales who were eager to question Kolberg’s parenting techniques. But rather than forcing her son to hand over his toys, she stood firm with his decision.



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