See this grandma’s deserving Ambush Makeover: I’ve been wanting this for years!

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Two lucky ladies woke up early — and got a pretty sweet reward to make up for the missed zzz’s.

Carolyn Meyer, 41, from Chesapeake, Virginia is a married mother of three and a high school teacher, who’s often on the soccer field with her kids when she’s not inside the classroom. But between her busy schedule and family time, she hasn’t had much time to create a beauty routine.

The reaction to her new look? Unanimously AWESOME. Carolyn’s chic new look caused her family members to pull out their cell phones and begin filming, even though, well, the whole thing was already being filmed!

“She’s so pretty to begin with,” said Louis Licari, who explained that he’d given her some soft highlights.

“She didn’t need it, but she’s beautiful!” gushed a family member.

The second lucky Ambush winner was Beth Friedman, 58, of West Hartford, Connecticut. After raising three kids, she’s doting on a new grandchild. But she’s not playing favorites — she’s very proud of all of them.

Well, dreams just came true for this grandmother, who came one year ago to the plaza hoping for a makeover, and finally got one this morning.

Turning tearfully toward the mirror to check out her new ‘do and flattering outfit, she said, “That doesn’t even look like me!”

“Oh my gosh, I’ve been wanting this for many years,” she added happily.



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