Here’s How Much Your Favorite Pop Stars Have Changed In 10 Years



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2007: Collaborated with Shakira on “Beautiful Liar.” Also, can you believe she was still single? She didn’t marry Jay-Z until 2008.

Now: Pregnant with twins. Basically sneezes Grammys. Still looks amazing in gold.


Justin Timberlake

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2007: Wore fedoras. Brought sexy back.

Now: Writes songs for the Trolls soundtrack. Married to Jessica Biel.



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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

2007: One word: “Umbrella.”

Now: Takes pulls from a bedazzled flask at the Grammys. If our prayers are answered, might be starring in a movie with Lupita Nyong’o based off a tweet.


Kelly Clarkson

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2007: Released My December.

Now: She’s come circle from winning the first season of American Idol: She’s going to be a judge on The Voice!



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2007: Totally hot.

Now: Somehow even hotter, and he’s a judge on The Voice.


Taylor Swift

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2007: Up-and-coming country star!

Now: Biggest pop star in the world. Also has a squad.


Katy Perry

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2007: Still wouldn’t release her breakthrough single “I Kissed A Girl” for another year!

Now: Feuding with Taylor Swift and set to release her next album Witness in June 2017.


Jennifer Lopez

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2007: Released Brave and announced she was pregnant with twins. Mariah Carey didn’t know her.

Now: Hasn’t aged a day. Mariah Carey still doesn’t know her.



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2007: Queen of Pop.

Now: Still the Queen of Pop. TBH, she’ll outlast us all.


Mariah Carey

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2007: Still riding the success of her mega-smash comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi.

Now: Set to wrap up her Number 1 to Infinity residency in Las Vegas.


Gwen Stefani

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2007: Promoting her second studio album, The Sweet Escape.

Now: She’s a judge on The Voice and seems to be giving J.Lo a run for her money in her Benjamin-Buttoning skills.



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2007: Promoting her debut album The Dutchess, which was released the year before. Let’s be honest: With hits like “Fergalicious”, “Glamorous”, and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, it’s one of the best pop albums of the 2000s.

Now: We’re still waiting on that followup album. Also, she might be feuding with the other members of The Black Eyed Peas? Random.


Avril Lavigne

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2007: Her smash hit “Girlfriend” came out.

Now: She might have died and been replaced by a girl named Melissa. Or maybe not!


Selena Gomez

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2007: She was a Disney Channel star!

Now: She’s got a new album on the way.



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2007: She was on tour for her Oral Fixation albums and collaborated with Beyoncé!

Now: El Dorado, her eleventh studio album, dropped in May!


Nelly Furtado

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2007: She toured and promoted her album Loose. You remember all the hits: “Promiscuous” and “Say It Right” and “Maneater.” It was a big deal!

Now: She released the album The Ride earlier this year.


Hilary Duff

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2007: She was brunette! And she released Dignity which was chock-full of electropop bops.

Now: She’s on TV Land’s Younger.


Miley Cyrus

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2007: She was still in her Hannah Montana days.

Now: Her lead single “Malibu” is a chill song of the summer contender, and we’re so, so excited for her new album!


Britney Spears

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2007: Went through a tumultuous personal year, yet still released her magnum opus Blackout.

Now: Mom, survivor, rice enthusiast, nude painter, aspiring Instagram model, pop icon. Also, she still tilts her head the same way!


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