Everyone Can Stop Talking About The New Ken Dolls, Because Ken Has Been Serving Looks For Years

There’s been a lot of internet commotion over the new Ken Dolls…

why…why are all the new Ken dolls youtubers

Every one of the new Ken Dolls is a different bartender who has ignored me

…but it’s time to wake up, sheeple! Because Ken has been serving looks for YEARS.


Example A: Mod Hair Ken Doll

Terapeak.com / Via terapeak.com

Yaaaas, Ken, yaaaas!

Mod Hair Ken has been serving looks since 1973…

terapeak.com / Via terapeak.com

Better call Ken with the mod hair.

…and he came with removable mustaches, beards, sideburns, and an “I GIVE NO FUCKS” attitude.


*Whiskey sour and the bear skin rug where he likes to make love: SOLD SEPARATELY.*


terapeak.com / Via terapeak.com

I won’t apologize, because you needed to see it.

Example B: Fashion Jeans Ken

Ebay: joebarsales / Via manbehindthedoll.com

Guess how many fucks Ken gives about the traditional confines of masculinity? NEGATIVE THREE.

In 1981, Ken found a pink deep V shirt and was like, NOT GOOD ENOUGH. So he embroidered his name on it, because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

And if you don’t like it… he’s not gonna say anything, because he’s conflict-averse.

Ebay: @joebarsales / Via ebay.com

Example C: Magic Earring Ken

smashboards.com / Via ebay.com

No words necessary, because the look has been SERVED.

Example D: Concert Date Ken

manbehindthedoll.com / Via manbehindthedoll.com

Mmmmm… yes, Ken! Clench those concert tickets between your fingers!

Example E: Cali Girl Ken

manbehindthedoll.com / Via manbehindthedoll.com

Puka sheeeeeell yeeeeah!

Example F: Sea Lovin’ Ken

manbehindthedoll.com / Via manbehindthedoll.com

Love that sea, Ken! Because the sea is loving you right back!

Example G:

Amazon / Via amazon.com

Never stop, Ken! Never stop doing you!

And finally, Example H: Superstar Ken.

DONE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Barbie CANNOT hang. Ken rules doll fashion.



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