29 Albums Only Gays Know Were Years Ahead Of Their Time


“Blackout” by Britney Spears


Quite possibly the most influential pop album of the past 10 years. It could be released today and it would still sound just as fresh as it did in 2007. And that’s a fact!

Best songs: Literally the entire thing.


“Fleshtone” by Kelis

Interscope Records

I refuse to rest until every single person knows about this flawless dance album. Years ahead of it’s time!

Best songs: “4th Of July (Fireworks)” and “Acapella”


“Stripped” by Christina Aguilera

RCA Records

Christina Aguilera’s opus. An incredible album. Early 2000s pop wouldn’t be the same without it!

Best songs: All the singles, “Get Mine, Get Yours,” “Walk Away,” “Underappreciated, and “Cruz.”


“Bionic” by Christina Aguilera

RCA Records

This album is literally the inventor of the term “ahead of its time.” Also invented Sia.

Best songs: “Birds Of Prey,” “You Lost Me,” “Vanity,” “Desnudate,” “Monday Morning,” and “I Hate Boys.”


“Aphrodite” by Kylie


A pop masterpiece. Kylie’s best album. It made Greek mythology cool and en vogue again.

Best songs: GET OUTTA MY WAY, “Illusion,” “Put Your Hands Up,” “Better Than Today,” “Everything Is Beautiful,” and “All The Lovers.”


“Cinderella Eyes” by Nicola Roberts

A&M Records

The absolute best album released by a former member of the greatest girl group of all-time: Girls Aloud. The world (but mostly anywhere outside of the UK) wasn’t ready.

Best songs: “Porcelain Heart,” “Beat Of My Drum,” “Yo-Yo,” “Lucky Day,” and “sticks + stones.”


“Heartstrings” by Leighton Meester

Vagrant Records

Leighton Meester’s entire existence is ahead of it’s time. End of story.

Best songs: “Run Away,” “Heartstrings,” “Sweet,” and “Blue Afternoon.”


JoJo’s tringle


Just three excellent songs. Made vocalists in demand again.

Best songs: All of them.


“Body Talk” by Robyn


Revitalized the sad pop scene of 2010.

Best songs: “Get Myself Together,” “Fembot,” “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do,” “Time Machine,” “Call Your Girlfriend,” and obvi “Dancing On My Own.”


“Tangled Up” by Girls Aloud


The second greatest album by a girl group of all-time!

Best songs: “Control Of The Knife,” “Black Jacks,” “Damn,” “Can’t Speak French,” “Sexy (No No No),” and “Call The Shots.”


“Out Of Control” by Girls Aloud


The absolute greatest album by a girl group of all-time!!!!!

Best songs: “Miss You Bow Wow,” “Promise,” “Live In The Country,” “Revolution In The Head,” and the IMPECCABLE, “Untouchable.”


“Rated R” by Rihanna

Def Jam

Rihanna’s game-changer. Her first excellent album. Invented “being personal.”

Best songs: FIREBOMB.


“Me. I Am Mariah” by Mariah Carey

Def Jam

Mariah delivered an album and nobody cared. That is NOT okay, sweeties.

Best songs: “Money ($ * / …),” “You Don’t Know What To Do,” and her best single in like 10 years, “#Beautiful.”


“Fever” by Kylie Minogue


The album that gave us quite possibly Kylie’s most iconic song (“Locomotion” can choke), “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.” It was mid-2000s dance pop in the early 2000s.

Best songs: “Love At First Sight” and “Come Into My World.”


“Emotion” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Interscope Records

The closest thing to the modern day gay Bible.

Best songs: “Boy Problems,” “Run Away With Me,” “Your Type,” and “Warm Blood.”


“Confessions On The Dance Floor” by Madonna

Warner Bros

Madonna’s best album. Invented being cohesive.

Best songs: “Push,” “Get Together,” “How High,” “Jump,” “Sorry,” and obviously “Future Lovers.”


“Autobiography” by Ashlee Simpson


Just perfect pop rock.

Best songs: “Better Off,” “Love Me For Me,” “Piece Of Me,” “Nothing New,” and “Undiscovered.”


“Breathe In. Breathe Out.” by Hilary Duff

RCA Records

Hilary Duff makes great albums and this is one of them. Her impact is criminally underrated!

Best songs: Besides “Sparks,” there’s also “Lies,” “Tattoo,” “Confetti,” “My Kind,” and “Brave Heart.”


“In The Zone” by Britney Spears

Jive Records

Britney’s best album. DON’T @ ME. Honestly, Britney is always ahead of her time except…Br*tney J*an.

Best songs: “Everytime,” “Touch Of My Hand,” “Breathe On Me,” “The Hook Up,” and “Toxic.”


“Avril Lavigne” by Avril Lavigne


Ignored by the general public because of bad taste, Avril Lavigne deserves more recognition. Her impact is real!

Best songs: “Bitchin’ Summer” is one of the best songs about summer of all-time!


“True Romance” by Charli XCX

Asylum Records

Invented indie-ism.

Best songs: “Nuclear Seasons” and “Stay Away.”


“Queen Of The Clouds” by Tove Lo

Island Records

Freed the nipple before others freed the nipple.

Best songs: “Moments,” “Not On Drugs,” “This Time Around,” “Got Love,” and “Timebomb.”


“Trouble In Paradise” by La Roux

Polydor Records

La Roux made a trop pop album before trop pop even had a name!

Best songs: “Sexotheque,” “Cruel Sexuality,” “Paradise With You.” All of it!


“DK3” by Danity Kane


*Donald Trump voice* Make Danity Kane Actually Get Along Again. But seriously, the other girl groups could learn a thing or two from DK.

Best songs: “Rhythm Of Love,” “Lemonade,” “Two Sides,” and “Tell Me.”


“Aquarius” by Tinashe

RCA Records

Listening to this makes me feel bad because it’s incredible and people don’t know about it and that’s just sad.

Best songs: “Wildfire,” “Pretend,” “How Many Times,” Bet,” and “2 On.”


“Night Time My Time” by Sky Ferreira

Capitol Records

Revolutionized rock music.

Best songs: “I Blame Myself” and “You’re Not The One.”


“Take Me When You Go” by Betty Who

RCA Records

Betty Who did Taylor Swift’s “1989” before Taylor did and she did it better.

Best songs: “High Society” is one of my favorite songs of the past seven years.


“Shock Value II” by Timbaland

Blackground Records

Timbaland invented having features by pop artists. Calvin Harris owes his life!

Best songs: *Chefs kiss* The JoJo song “Lose Yourself” is THE BEST.


“Hannah Montana 2” by Miley Cyrus


Literally just for “See You Again.” A song decades (like a few years) ahead of it’s time.



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