17 Of The Most Perfect “Simple Life” Moments That Will Make You LOL Forever


When Paris took Walmart’s name just a bit too literally.

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When they already ate some of their food but asked if they could give back what was left.

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When the ~generic brand~ at the grocery store was a totally new and foreign concept to them.

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When Paris asked a pretty reasonable question.

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When they ~thankfully~ knew how to do a simple chore because one of them once saw it in a movie.

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Paris: “I don’t know how to do laundry, do you?”

Nicole: “I saw it in a movie.”


When all they really wanted to do was revamp the cattle.

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When Paris decided to ditch the traditional pan and cook bacon her own way.

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When Nicole struggled to figure out which side of her hand was up.

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Nicole: “Which is the top of your hand and which is the bottom?”


When Paris gave an extraordinarily impressive and specific set of directions after they got lost in the mountains.

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Paris: “Hi, um, we’re up in the mountains and we need to be rescued. We’re in between, like, five mountains with trees everywhere.”


When Nicole thought a hug could pay for her very expensive bill.

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Cashier: “Your balance is $225.55.”

Nicole: “How about a hug instead?”


When they showcased their vast knowledge of America.

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Nicole: “Is Jersey a city or a state?”


When Paris had clearly never heard of a cow bell before.

FOX / E! / Via softboiledmoon.tumblr.com

Paris: “Who knew you could wake a cow with a bell?”


When Paris asked this extremely understandable and important question in the snack aisle.

FOX / E! / Via cady-heroine.tumblr.com

Paris: “Do they sell Marc Jacobs or Chanel in this grocery store?”


When the grading scale just didn’t quite make sense.

FOX / E! / Via danieldean.tumblr.com

Nicole: “E was a failing grade.”

Paris: “I thought E was for ‘excellent.'”


When Paris tried really, really hard to remember what tin foil was called.

FOX / E! / Via softboiledmoon.tumblr.com

Paris: “Do you have that silver stuff that you wrap sandwiches with?”


When Nicole completely disregarded the question at hand.

FOX / E! / Via danieldean.tumblr.com


And finally, when Paris felt it was her right — no, actually, her duty — to sunbathe in the drive-thru window.

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